Hackpen Hill Circular with Andrea

Today I had a great winter walk with Andrea. The scenery was so beautiful, almost a winter wonderland at times. The route was good. We used this All Trails route but we did it backwards which I was glad about as it would have otherwise started along the main road. It was nice to start…

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Happy New Year: Coate Water and the South Swindon green trail

This is probably going to be a fairly short blog post because it’s my first time walking in quite a few months and it’s a short, straight forward loop. It’s based on the Coate Water and East Witchel Circular on AllTrails. Here’s my version from today. I decided that in 2023 I will do as…

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Walking the length of Wiltshire (18th-20th June)

It’s now been four weeks since I embarked on this insane but beautiful 79-miles walk across Wiltshire and Swindon. #WAWS Life got in the way of blogging about it (I was planning to blog in the week after the hike) but it does deserve a post here. It’s my biggest physical and mental endeavour, yet.…

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Planning the Walk Across Wiltshire and Swindon

The press coverage has started – eeek! I have my first ever live radio interview tomorrow morning so I’m a little nervous but also very excited to be able to get people to know of the amazing job Prospect Hospice do.https://swindonlink.com/charity/hiking-for-prospect/ https://theswindonian.co.uk/news/swindon-mum-to-hike-78-miles-across-wiltshire-swindon-for-prospect-hospice-over-three-days I’ve got a cold and I’m tired (I really hope I recover quickly…

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My maddest challenge yet

As I just completed the Thames Path walk last Friday, I’ve been asked what my next challenge is.I had this planned for some time and even blocked the time in my diary but I’ve just started to actually organise details in the last few days; and I can honestly say it’s the most bonkers challenge…

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'She likes to walk and she likes to talk.' 'Mae hi'n hoffi cerdded a mae hi'n hoffi siarad.'

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